A Reminder To Myself

“Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action.”

We as humans sure do know a lot of things. But why is it that we never apply what we know to the things we want to solve? I believe the answer is that we as a human race have to be constantly reminded to apply what we know but it sounds like new information when someone else mentions it to us though what we know as advice. Well the reason for today’s post is to remind myself that I will mess up during my own life journey and that I shouldn’t be afraid to love and to stay true to myself.

Recently I find it harder to carry on conversation because I’m too afraid of doing wrong but then I tell myself this if I forget everything else, “even if I mess up I will still be me and nothing will change, and if I change I should always strive to do it for the better”. Strange thing about me is I’m naturally drawn to people who are confident and have a different and effective way of doing things. Compassion is also  something I admire in others. And although I might or might contain these traits I’m going through my own journey and I should always to reach for my many dreams one step at a time. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a child at heart. Be mature but be open and accepting of others, even those you don’t like because we are only human.

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