Rules of Attration By Me

“Your Thoughts Are the Architects of Your Destiny.”  

I’m not sure about you guys but for me, liking, truly liking someone isn’t easy and rarely happens. Personally, I think that attraction starts off with physical appearances, yes. However you do not just look at someone attractive and say hey I like them. We say that but we don’t really mean until we initiate conversation, but even then it might be shaky. Sometimes you have to let the other person lead not lead you on but lead you into getting know each other. But of course keeping each other’s attention plays a role in this but don’t worry, you can take control of the reigns when you truly want to. It comes natural or it should. Of course there are many things to consider but if you truly want to see how things will work with a person you should be honest and know what you want. However be careful because love isn’t exactly painless. You will have highs and you will have lows. But honestly the mystery is half the fun and the other half will unfold itself on you.  


Dedicated to my cousin Jimmy and how he’s convinced he won’t find a girl that will like him. Happy almost birthday Jimmy. 

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