Scrambled Like My Eggs

“Sometimes life gets messy. That’s okay live it anyway.”

This one is for my ladies.

Ever want to write a letter to Mother Nature telling her when you are or aren’t ready for your monthly gift? I sure have there but that’s not the only problem here! 

Not only is Mother Nature refraining from giving me her monthly gift. But it’s got me messed up! What I mean is I can’t function so it seems on anything because I have no out. The only good thing that’s possibly happened to me today is that I passed my last ever high school math exam by the chip of my tooth. Give or take it only took me 4 hours! 

And now graduation is right around the corner! In fact it’s this Friday! Awesome right? Except when you don’t know who is going and who isn’t.. What joy. Well at least I passed and never have to step foot into high school again. Not that it was a terrible experience. I kind of liked high school.

4 thoughts on “Scrambled Like My Eggs

    1. Haha right? It has its ups and downs but I like saying I went through the experience you know? Crappy school lunches, mean teachers, and weird classmates. I think I’m going to miss it after I graduate tbh

      1. Exactly! I’m jealous though because I’m not a senior until next year (although I already have senioritis whoops)

      2. Hang in there girl! Your last year will be here before you know it and I’ll be hearing about your graduation soon! But hey jealousy is normal but you’re beautiful and she’s beautiful so that’s that

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