What It Feels Like

“Stars can not shine without darkness.” 

Well guys.. It actually happened. After four years of experiencing “gourmet” cafeteria food, classes that seem to hard to pass, and the occasional awkward moment or event here and there with confusion, miscommunication, and jealousy added to it; high school is finally over and I am GRADUATED. So here’s a letter to my high school and side letter to the future me:
Dear High School,

       I will refrain from cursing at every thing I had to learn but never use in my future life, at teachers who don’t exactly like you, and those fellow classmates that are just blame rude, fake, and so on and so forth. Ahem. Bye Felicia(s). But besides those bad twists and turns there’s also many good things that have happened that I never got to thank you for. Like helping find out who my real friends could potentially be and for making me realize things don’t always go my way but can ultimately result in good after all. I also learn how to accept people’s opinions of me and not to be discourage by hate since there will be people in this world who just don’t like you. Now to the future Sophia! Please please don’t ever give up on your dream no matter how crazy and immature you think you are now but you have changed so much and have overcomed many obstacles like that you have experienced in your graduating class of 2015. YOU CAN DO IT. You made it through trig so you can girl, you just can! Stay positive. Do you. 

                                       Yours Truly,

                                          Current Sophia

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