What Kills the Cat

“Curiousity is the most powerful thing you can own.”

Have you wanted to try something for the first time just so you could say you’ve been there and done that? Well if your answer is yes, then we have something in common my friend! 

In fact being Asian-American I don’t mind doing anything some people deem as “too Asian”. I actually strive to explore more into my culture and make people understand that there’s pros and cons to every culture. 

If you’re wondering what I’m  trying for the first time, the answer is attending a con! In other words an anime convention. I’ve had dreams about going to one since elementary school but now that I’m older I’m constantly worried people might think of me as beyond weird..but I’ve decided to suck it up and try to go to at least one! 

I mean you never know what kind of people you’ll meet right? Aha 

Would you want to meet me?

 (Leave a comment if you would and if you don’t I won’t blame you haha I’m pretty average.) 

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