You’re Really a Chicken Nugget

“Fears are stories we tell ourselves.”

By now I realize the real reason as to why I really love blogging. It’s because I can see what I write everyday and laugh at my own jokes haha. Now I find myself quite funny but not everyone will and not everyone will like me but that’s okay! I only have two explanations for this. Life and human nature or I could go on a limb and say you just don’t get good humor. But I may or may not be all that cocky.

But hey. What’s with my title? We aren’t real physical chicken nuggets. We aren’t made from behind the counter of our local McDonalds. But mentally think we are chickens but we are also nuggets therefore we are chicken nuggets. I’ve probably lost you but let me elaborate.

When we are called chickens it con-notates to we are afraid or fearful. We fear the unknown, going beyond our comfort zones, and diving into something new or even perhaps of change. This isn’t all bad because fear itself is a powerful emotion but when you think positively about it, it will push you to overcome it and maybe even thrill you or excite you into doing something more for yourself or a certain personal goal of yours. From that thrill what we can obtain makes us nuggets. Ever heard of a gold nugget? That valuable chunk of gold? Well I’m going to tell you that you are also that nugget. Now in my opinion, a golden nugget pushed by fear in a positive direction should shine some thrill and inspiration your way to be the change you want to be in the world. So I advice you to make it an advantage. There will be tons of hate here and there but persevere and you will be above those who don’t support you. I know I believe in you.

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