Breaking Green

“Positive Minds Live Positive Lives.”

I don’t know about you but I personally am on the verge of being overweight and it scares me no doubt. 

That’s why I took liberty to get myself to the nearest Wal-Mart and buy myself a self-serve blender and buy some ingredients for a morning green shake that one of my favorite YouTubers drinks every morning. 

To my surprise I had stayed within my budget I had for becoming healthier and more than that I was also on the verge of tears because I felt my wallet go dry. (I like having money but I hate the feeling of feeling financially unstainble). This especially occurred to me as I brought everything home with me and chopped up the spinach and kale to blend in the blender. 

I asked myself, “Was this really worth it? The amount I paid? Am I really going to commit to doing this?” And of course I tell myself, “Yes, by all means yes!” And I believe myself because whether or not I said yes I already spent that much on attempting to. 

In case you didn’t know I get really worked up when I lose interest or hope in what I do and just binge eat or lay in bed contemplating life. Well more than usual anyway. And well today wasn’t all bad because one of my close online friends had mailed me a darling little package and letter so that made me feel muchich better! 

But let’s stay positive! I can make it through this! My journey is just getting started! Wish me luck guys; I’m so going to need it..

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