Near Death Experience

“Life is a highway, I wanna drive it all night long..”

Okay before I start this insanely wild story, I want there to be racist comment about how Asians drive. I know I am not the best driver so let me get that out there alright? Haha 

Alright alright. The story goes I’m at home kind of bored out of my mind and I wanted to drive to the nearest Dollar General to do some work on my cosplay wig! (Yes I am still planning on going! Even it kills me..) 

Speaking of kill.. I may or may not have done a few illegal things on the road that may or may not have caused me to wreck and die on the spot.. But I have to admit I literally was mouthing, “OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH”under my breathe and I was driving. And no one was killed or wrecked for real so hang on let me finish the story!

Well I managed to drive myself to somewhere I could park (which was a crowded Wellness Center) imagine that.. So I called one of my closest friends to see if she could point me into the right direction and she eventually gave me directions but still being in panic mode, I drove home to get wifi and eventually followed Google maps to the Dollar General I wanted to go to. And at this point I felt proud of myself! I parked okay and I eventually made it to my destination. Next block over I came across the local shopping center my cousins and I like to reside on a chill day. So I walk into that Books-A-Million and grabbed some tea to calm my nerves. Hallelujah it worked! Thank goodness for ice in 103 degree weather! Haha 

Anyway! Our story doesn’t end there my friend! Ooh no! I make my way home and not finding anything familiar looking I turned sharply into a gas station. Given a few honks and tire screeches but no one died and so I turned out okay. I hope.. I am blogging this so. But to my surprise the owner of the gas station I stopped by was my next door neighbor! She was so sweet and pointed me towards a shortcut she usually takes and being me.. I missed a turn and drove the opposite direction of home.. Oh fun.. Joy to the freaking world..

At this point I’m calling my older cousin and she picks up as I head into a different Dollar General store…the irony in this really killed me in the inside..ask the cashier lady in that store! She could sense how bitter I was! And so eventually my cousin tells me where to go and what road to take and so I did as she said and when I saw a familiar sight I turned into to it and THERE it was, home sweet home. 

I’m just glad I lived! I don’t usually drive alone and I’m literally 18. Sad I know.. But at least you had a good laugh am I right? And I got extra experience; also I didn’t speed or run into people, drive in the wrong lane, or cuss anyone out so I consider this a somewhat successful day! What an adventure I know.. I actually used a third of my gas too aha. 

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