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“The early bird gets the worm.”

Ever take time out of your day to think: Where exactly is my life headed? 

Well I did or still do. I’m actually really clueless as to what I’m doing with my life. Maybe it’s my paradoxical sun and moon sign of you won’t to talk zodiac. I’m actually quite fascinated by astrology myself. It’s pretty insane if you think they can determine your personality just by studying stars. But I would appreciate an accurate weatherman more than anything now and days. Especially now when the weather hits anywhere from 78-103 degrees it seems. 

Actually crazy thing is when my cousins and I were in the road stuck in a traffic jam it started raining even though we were melting and were blinded by the sun. 

Well we got home and started watching chick flicks or romantic comedies if you will haha and we didn’t exactly sleep sound but somehow here I am wide awake and writing to you guys. 

But what drove me to write about this is I thought I’d tell you my lifestyle challenge is still going strong and I’m thinking about starting a book and possibly an audiobook as well. Maybe you guys will like to read it someday. Maybe. Just know I’d appreciate it if you did. 

Side note: (Also been doing quite a bit of “helping the economy” aka shopping) I have been requested to do a makeup tutorial and I’ll be filming that closer to HAMA-CON. But don’t forget about Father’s Day now! 

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