Stressed Over Nothing?.

“Even the best intelligence is useless if it doesn’t get to the right people the right way.”

I hope you guys like all these quotes I usually write down before I start randomly rambling about absurd stories that seem so strange. And you’re probably wondering why I’m using so much alliteration*.

*repition of first consonant sounds like sharp shell  

Well that because life for me seems to be repeating itself over and over. Almost seems like everyday is like every other day. Don’t get me wrong, I always look forward to the days ahead but there are times I sit down and take in the reality of things. But even taking it in doesn’t affect my ambition to do what I feel I should. It just makes me think and sort of forces me to plan things out. I don’t mind of course but it does take some getting use to if I’m completely honest. Well I also admit I can’t always plan an event alone because not only is life boring in solitude but also too sheltered for my taste. Like everyone else I don’t mind being alone sometimes but if I isolated myself most of the time, I grow really and naturally bitter. 

I go through several years of puberty to grow into a bitter adult.. Life’s nice isn’t it? Haha, but if you really knew me as a person, you’d know I’m really kid at heart. I’m abiverted but that’s a bother story. 

The point of me writing this is to kinda give my scrambled brain some peace. I personally hate overthinking as well, it really does just create problems that aren’t even there. Always you live and you learn. 

Thanks for listening again! This weirdo will write again another time!

Oh! And Happy Father’s Day! 

Side note: if daddy says he’s broke get him a wallet and you both can have a good laugh haha 

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