Inside Out

“Let that shit go.”

When you see this quote you either think it means to let go of a bad memory it experience that may have traumatized you or let out your feelings? 

Well to me it means both really. But let me tell you. No matter what happens in my life there’s always another obstacle. Now I’m no gymnast so of course I fall towards the very end when I feel I have exhausted everything. 

Yesterday I went rock climbing and sight seeing with my cousin and her potential boyfriend haha. I always seem to be third wheeling now and my god. I really don’t mind! Both third wheeling and not having a boyfriend. I don’t feel I’m unapproachable but maybe my style of thinking causes lots of disagreements.. Not sure but I live with it. But don’t even get me started on crushes! Crushes always just seem to hurt you in the very end and THATS why they are called crushes. 

Now today I’m sore but I couldn’t be happier! And I’m packing this summer with events so I don’t get bored. I am a rather adventurous soul that likes to keep a sharp mind. But my point is life is metaphorically a labyrinth that might not be so bad and if you ever want to try to do something new. I’m telling you to do it! Best of luck my friend! Hama-Con is tomorrow! 

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