In My Defense 

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Like I said before. I was planning on attending my first ever anime convention from way back when. It’s not just now I decided, hey! A con! 

It might be silly to be slightly discouraged by unfollowers on IG but it makes me feel discouraged because so people are actually missing out on a pretty cool experience! Sure they might not even indulge in binge watching anime or reading manga novels. 

But you know the one main reason why I decided I love cons so much? It’s because I appreciate that people appreciate and actually like Asian culture. Sure I’m not Japanese but I still feel apart of something cultural. 

I agree it can get freaky or weird depending on who you approach or see. I also understand girls or guys like that aren’t your type but here’s a crazy thing. You don’t even HAVE to dress up to these cons! That’s right! You can dress cute and just hang around. These cons aren’t meant to weird you out but to introduce you to try appreciating Japanese culture. 

I get my inspiration to write in so many random places but this con is better to see than to hear or read about! 

Which why I’m uploading a vlog to my YouTube soon! Stay tuned! 

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