Well This Is New..

“There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs.”

Long time no write it seems! Well I have to say this topic doesn’t seem quite as nonsignifant as my last even though my last post was significant enough to me. Haha

Ever been to an overnight college orientation? It’s insane really! And what I mean by that is everyone is so very different from high school. Or so I think! Everyone now cares more about living a good life the way they want to and of course be educated and get a job to earn money. 

Let me just say. I never expected to be shy in college.. Sophia the loud one was actually quite meek and not so outspoken this time around. But fortunately someone is my SOAR group started a conversation with me although I failed to open my mouth to utter so much as hey

Instantaneously I started to talk to her grateful that she had said anything. Little did I know we were so alike and so different but still friendly. 

Later on we all had to share an adjective with the same constenant as your first name. So I chose singing Sophia. 

It all seemed to blossom from here! I made a few more friends and before I knew we grew closer and closer within two days! If you can’t already tell this was honestly my favorite part.

We did a lot of eating and walking but I seriously loved the cupcakes. And if you asked any of my new friends you know what I mean! But besides good food, there was a really serious ciricculum.

Before I bore you with details about it let me just say scheduling classes is not my strong suit. 

Let’s see what university life is like! Stay tuned readers! If I’m still breathing by then..

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