Turning Point..

“When life doesn’t go right, go left.”

Imagine waking up at around 8:30 and being stoked about going up to the Chattanooga, Tennessee area to see some fancy fish in the Tennessee Aquarium with some new friends only to find out halfway through the trip that you had to turn back.

Not turn back as in change your mind but turn back as in if you didn’t you could have potentionally been killed.

You might be thinking woah! What does that mean? Well by now I’m sure you have probably heard of the shooting at Chattanooga, Tennessee. According to trending topics today on Facebook, the roads have been closed off and 4 people have been reported dead and the suspect confirmed to be Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez. 

So don’t go to Tennessee right now! Moral of the story haha. You can go bowling like we did instead. 

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