Always Something..

“Without hardships, we would not value ease.”

I’m the type of person who has a lot to be pessimistic and moan, groan, and complain over but do I? 

If I’m completely honest, sometimes. But I always try to look on the brighter side of things and today is one of those days I can honestly say, “FUCK.” Really loud and so loud that my family would smack me upside my head. 

Wonderful social media let me tell everyone I knew I was having car troubles and I mean I was proud of myself for driving an hour and a half to my Univeristy Bookstore on my first day of work but I was stuck in the school parade with my GPS screaming at how much she had to recalculate.

But nonetheless I forget some ID paper work and to turn my car light off and well.. My car battery died.

So I end up calling my cousin just in case I actually killed my car and I couldn’t get home but then I called the police department on campus and they jumped started my car and low and behold I finally got it working! I thanked the cops and my cousin carpooled me and we had pizza. 

So not a bad day just…eventful.

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