“That awkward moment when..”

Picture this my dear reader:

Your alarm goes off and you grab whatever causes the noise to turn it the eff off. Say that it’s your phone and you also notice your friend had just texted you asking you if you’re awake.

Now if you’re like me, you probably stayed up a little later than you planned coughcough and had to wake up early. 

In this case it was my friend’s 18 birthday party and we were headed out for brunch before my friend had to head into work. So I dragged my feet to the bathroom while moaning and groaning like a whale and got ready. 

I ended up have a wonderful time and it was nice eating out with my friend and her family. But I guess the moral of this story is..

I wish I were a dude today. My eggs are getting too scrambled for my taste.

Ohh that awkward moment when you use metaphors to signify other things. Haha

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