A Lesson

“It’s a blessing in disguise..”

Have you ever catch yourself asking really deep thoughts like, “What’s my purpose in life?” Or “Do I really have any REAL talents?” And “Are my efforts REALLY going unnoticed?” etc etc.

There maybe tons of questions you ask yourself time after time and you probably sleep with it unanswered because the answer seems to abstract to you to put into words or even a picture. Almost like a frustrating jigsaw puzzle you just can’t find the last pice too. 

First off I’m not going to tell you that there really is an exact answer to all your questions because point blank, the questions you might ask yourself are most likely abstract because if it wasn’t you would have probably already found an answer to it. I’m also a firm believer in if its meant to be it will happen and it will happen so naturally. 

The reason I labeled this post “A Lesson” is to say everything life throws at you is a lesson. Like almost failing high school math coughcough and also something like the dude cutting you off on the street. I mean the lesson might just be some people are just terrible drivers but is a lesson nonetheless. 

Have you ever wondered, “How much time and effort did it take for me to realize this lesson?” If yes, you and I are in the same boat. But what if time and enormous amounts of effort still don’t gain you recognition does it make you hate or resent or depress and worry? Well for me it’s the whole mix. I’m admit to not being a very patient person but my life is put on hold quite a lot. Maybe it’s a part of growing older or maybe life just kinda sucks. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t live it the way we want right? 

Live for you my friend and always be sure to make time for yourself too. And well maybe one day maybe not a whole lot of people will recognize what you do but someone rather significant will. And to me that’s rather more fulfilling don’t you agree?  


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