Just Appreciate

“Love comes from appreciation.”

Don’t you ever have those days where everything seems almost perfect? I only say almost because there maybe things that could’ve made that day even better.

Rare as they are, good days should be appreciated just like you appreciate anyone or anything else. 

Today I sat beside my grandma in the kitchen and we both ate some mang cau or custard apples and somewhere in the immense seed spitting my grandma starting telling me about how it reminded her of how my dad would lie in bed and look out the window when he was a child. 

Every time he looked outside and saw a bird pirched in the branch of the custard apple tree, he knew the fruit was ripe enough to eat. 

It was really nice to hear something about my dad since he rarely talked about his childhood except when my siblings and I did something wrong. 

Then I also remembered what my grandpa said about leaving home:

Before the seed was planted to grow into a mighty tree, there was rain. The rain would help you grow and nuture while tending to your needs and there may be a time when you grow so well that it seems like you can stand on your own but even if you could you will always have your roots. Never forget your roots for they are your foundation and there when you were nothing. 

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