A New Chapter

“We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong.”

So the other night my best friend and I moved into our new dorms at UNA and started decorating and organizing the room. 

That night our parents called us and asked us how everything was and we glad to say they were great. Haha

Of course being away from family is nice but you tend to miss a couple of people after a certain amount of days. So we skyped and FaceTimed our friends and family last night while we eating away from our makeshift plastic box table. It was just nice to see some familiar faces.

Earlier yesterday we volunteered to work with the “Lions Lend A Hand Program” and helped clean campus and of course we explored campus for class and long as we were out we did things that needed to be straightened out for classes today. 

What?! Classes today? Well my class starts at 1 in the afternoon so I’m decent shape. But how’s college before classes? Well it makes me anxious to say the least. Then there’s your expensive textbooks that some of us have to actually out of pocket for..

Nonetheless it’s always fun to feel like you’re one step closer to a dream. And a free meal here and there never hurt anyone right? 

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