Peace of Mind

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

Have you ever sit and notice people around you and wonder what kind of life each one lives? 

There’s a word I use to describe this feeling and its the word, “sonder”. Sonder is the realization that people all around you have lives as colorful and exciting as yours. 

I understand that not everyone enjoy people or even discussing things in public. But have you ever thought about how interesting or different someone else is? Honestly I find so many people interestin it’s pretty funny. Haha

Well a number of events of happened jut one month into my college experience such as freedom to go here and there without reporting everything to mom and dad then eventually everyone in your household (if you’re like me and have a huge family). So many birthdays..

Anyway, I recently joined choir, and an international volunteer group at my college! I’m excited to say I can be charitable while I raise some bars my dear readers! I won’t know so don’t worry haha. But I also went to a 70’s themed dance intentionally for foreign exchange students to have at and its quite funny when everyone might assume you are one but really you were born in Saint Paul, Minnesota and speak perfect English. Coughcough. I also made some new friends that aren’t foreign. Oh goodness, this is getting hard to explain..

But aside from events and things of that nature, classes aren’t bad and personally I’m really happy about my professors. Nursing is my major because it’s what I feel I’m most suited for and also I would love to travel to see patients around the world. I even I talked to my English teacher about what  I could do that suits my interest in culture. She told me that I could look into foreign languages or even anthropology. I wasn’t quite sure what anthropology she was implying but she told me it was such a wide range  I could choose from anything. 

Anthropology is the study of humanities. Curious I went up to my history professor and he gave me book called, “Dramas, Fields, And Metaphors” By Victor Turner. Three pages in an I have no idea what I was reading so I took my sticky notes out and dotted some things down. It’s really a bunch of theories right now like what made me get up out of bed? Maybe my brain was my built in alarm or maybe it was the noise my best friend and dorm mate made when she got out of the morning shower. Who knows but it’s pretty neat huh? But again it’s not for everyone. So long readers! Until next time! 

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