Shot In The Foot

“Eye for eye”

I wonder if you guys ever experience something for the first time and told anyone about it. 

If you have done either let me relate you my dear reader! Well before I begin, let me just say this is both painful and embarrassing yes but later on it just ends up plain hilarious if I’m quite honest. 

In other words don’t fall off a long board if you are in front on someone you in semi-attractive ahaha.. That’s my personal story (meant below yours if you would like!)

Besides all that things have just been going honestly, and I feel like the people around assume my life is ALWAYS really interesting and ALWAYS moving along but don’t fool yourselves! I’m actually quite awkward and a tad random in person but I do keep busy a lot but you can do that too! 

But I’ve been hearing other people say things such as he/she isn’t a person they are what they do. This statement bothers me a great deal because no matter how successful a person becomes or infamous a person is a person no matter what size, what preference, and what responsibilities they seek out. 

But when my university tells me they truly wants me to succeed in life, I’m easily inspired to make sure what they feel towards me is right but if it’s not for them, then it’s for me! I will stay strong and I will persevere! 

But honestly guy I’m a huge indecisive mess right now so bare with me and let’s inspire each other! 

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