“Concrete” Love

“Things are not always as they seem..”

Driving down from a sheepish sleep isn’t exactly that great but it has it’s perks.

My thoughts raced this morning and documenting my life seemed to not make my sense to me anymore but then I realized it keeps me compassionate about life and the people I meet. 

Unexpectedly, I met up with a few friends who I could’ve sworn forgot about me after high school. Granted it’s only been a few months but time is a hard thing to measure and so is how strong someone’s intention towards you are.

I was asked to meet with someone and I agreed very much wanting to know this other person but my feelings  are still a mystery to me sometimes and often they depend on other’s feelings for me but anyway..

After a coffee and humorous tumblr chit chat, my friends from high school and I decide to go to the homecoming game to recreate some memories and catch up with each other. It was nice and worry free until one of my high school friend tackles me onto the ground. Confused I suppose he was happy to see me and he continued to hug me but in a lingering manner. I went along with it and reasoned he is special in his own right and can’t control himself as much as others. 

Honestly I was so flattered and really flustered so thank goodness it started raining a little into the game  because it was the perfec excuse to avoid his company for the remainder of the game. 

He was just a friend to me anyhow but I wouldn’t mind my future somehow doing that with me.. 

Anyhow it’s just weird to realize that people’s perspective of you can change so suddenly and equally so when they stay the same.


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