1, 2, 3 Dri- Drunk

“…one drink away from telling everyone what I really think.” -anonymous

All day I rack my brain as to what, what is it that is going on today (Halloween) that I’ve been contemplating since 5 p.m. Then it hits me as if someone ran into me holding a gigantic neon lighted sign saying, “YOUR FIRST COLLEGE PARTY.”

I’m not much of a party animal, not necessarily saying I don’t know how to, but a college level party sounds a bit extreme to me. I’m imagining Hollywood’s big idea of college parties being at someone’s gigantic apartment or house with blaring music, loud college students, and lots and lots of alcohol.

Reasoning with myself, I told myself I should try everything once at least once in college..or in my lifetime. So reluctantly I get ready in the midst of doing some last minute laundry so I can at least get my black jeans clean and wear them as a last minute Halloween costume to a party with people which luckily, I knew.

When I reached the apartment I was actually the first guest there. Awkwardly enough I got to showcase my poor parking skills and run around in my “ninja” costume. The hosts were very nice to me and let me sit down and eat half the cookies on the cookie plate before more guests arrived. I regret nothing.

Well okay maybe I did regret a few things like not getting drunk off my bum to see what that would be like, flirting with guy who I found out later was engaged to someone I didn’t even know, and lastly not staying the whole night sole reason being the good alcohol was all gone and I didn’t feel like mixing weird things together that didn’t even know if I liked or not.

But those are just the cons to a safe “partier” like me. I also had thought I was a designated driver but turns out my friends already made arrangements to be driven home by someone else. Anyway, at my first college party I taste tested a few things like Jack Daniels and Lemonade Lust Vodka and honestly I hated both. One tasted like medicine and the other tasted like sour mouthwash. When I got out of the kitchen where everyone was pouring their drinks, I subconsciously found of my friends. She was the one hottest girls on campus according to the Yik-Yak app everyone used. I noticed her corset and without drinking I put my hands around her corset to see if it tied anywhere and it did in the back which I thought was pretty cool. Little did I know, she was already drunk off her bum and she smiled at me while she grabbed my boobs. I blinked in bewilderment but I just took it as, it’s a normal thing at college parties.. I later saw some mixed drinks the host poured herself. She offered some to me and the taste was okay and went down better than most.

At this point I got pretty bored because I had already danced around with people before the TV area got crowded, drank some, took pictures, flirted a little, and as soon as I gather my stuff and was about to leave my other friend forced some “girlier” drink down my thought after she had asked me if I was drunk yet in which I replied no. When I decided I liked it as it did go down my throat and that I wouldn’t mind drinking it she takes it from me exclaiming, “Mine.” while giggling a tipsy giggle.

I go back inside to find more of it but no such luck happened then I get pulled into a mini circle on the floor where the host and a girl I knew were sitting. Another came up and joined us as we just chitchatted about our actual thoughts about the party. After that I lost track of time and before I knew it, it was around 1 a.m. of November 1st and I’ve been there since 9:45 p.m. of October 31st.

Crazily enough, I wasn’t even drunk and I was just as sober as I was when I got there. My sister says it’s because our family can hold our liquor very well but I’m not exactly sure how either but I drove home safe and sound. Except maybe I had a few incidents where I drove across a sidewalk and U-turned about twice. Luckily there weren’t many cars so traffic couldn’t have killed me. Everyone at the party seemed to be a little sad I wanted to leave so “early” but I guess being the youngest one there it was smart to do so.

Half a face of makeup wiped off and one pantsless and shirtless moment later at my dorm (room being locked) I fell onto my dorm bunk and dozed off thinking, “I want to do that again,” giggling and all.

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