Miss Ignorant

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. -Magaret Hungerford

Almost anywhere you go, you notice things about other people whether you plan to do so or not. And it’s rather fascinating because of psychological factors we as humans gain based on our surroundings. 

I would just like to put my two cents into the whole Miss Universe controversy and to the some nasty feedback from one country to the next. Yes, the ending of the Miss Universe pageant took everyone by surprise but the man has owned up to his mistakes so I feel it’s only fair to give him piece for correcting his mistake rather than let the true winner be hidden from the world (because all the characters contestants had a better body than me and deserve that title) and well not everyone is going to think like me but different beauty standards and personalities no matter how “showy” you deem them to be, exist. 

(Hence the title hint hint).

So I don’t want to hear some bullshit like: she’s fake, she’s had surgery, she’s too conceited and so on and so forth. I just want us to bring more love and respect to each other and the different cultures we’re suppose to be sharing and appreciating. Humans without humanity isn’t exactly what I want in a world I live in, you? 

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