Live Simple .

Less stuff, more life. -anonymous 

I’m not entirely sure if you guys know this but, I’m been trying to shift into a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Well first let me explain the idea of a minimalistic lifestyle. A minimalistic lifestyle is one that involves letting go of things that hold you back or invoke negative feelings inside you and once you rid yourself of the material or mental things inside you that hold you back, you’re life becomes more open for you to explore and let that inner you speak.

 It gives you more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do in life and not stress over all the things that bother you. I’m not saying it means you should neglect even your school work or career but minimalism helps minimalize the stress, anxiety, and so on and so forth. 

Also switching gears, today 1/16/16 my front bumper popped out of my car and I spun out of control in the middle the road but luckily I spun into the a small grassy ditch instead onto oncoming traffic. I literally would have wet my pants if I didn’t have my phone in my hand. But honestly it was just a comfort item since there was a hidden neighborhood apparently beside a gas station nearby and a few men had heard the bumper pop and came out to help me push my car out of the ditch and luckily I was alive and could drive again. It’s still pretty insane because it happened almost like a movie scene where people were readily available… I wish I had ask the name of my heroes today but I was too traumatized to even move my mouth. Whoever you are! Thank you so very very much from the small Asian-American girl in the red leather jacket.

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