Everything you want is on the other side of fear. -Jack Canfield

Stuck somewhere cold, dark, and alone (we are). I could say just me but why not be inclusive right? Yoda wouldn’t have let you go to the dark side and neither would I.

Sorry that got nerdy real fast! Let’s recap.

Pain isn’t exactly anything new or nonetheless enjoyable. It’s like falling face first down a good three flight of stairs or running straight into a bus and not a nice bus that pulls you through puberty no, but like a student loan bus that make you rethink life.

Now I say there’s bad pain and good pain even if not all pain is wanted.

Take it from someone that isn’t exactly emotional stable and inept at expressing her inner most feelings with others to a degree. I constantly battle myself for validation on my feelings, opinions, etc. I get that there’s a lot that goes on  in a day and that everyone can’t always pick up on how you feel let alone what you say but something in my mind keeps telling that maybe you should keep this “thing” to yourself.

To better explain I’ll tell you yet another story in this weird lifetime of mine. Awhile back I had a small falling out with some very close friends of mine and I almost lost everything I wanted to keep around in my life..or so I thought. Truth be told, I’m not a perfect human being and I’m pretty sure no matter how great someone plays themselves up to be, they may just surprise you with a secret or two to guard their vulnerability they claim they don’t have. Whether you’re always insecure about who you are, where you stand, what you look like, wear, do, say, just remember that there’s nothing wrong with you being you but I will say this.

If you think change in yourself or in life is beneficial to you and is something you wish you could do better yourself then slowly change into something that you can share with others and say hey, “This is me. I’m great. I can do anything, so watch me.”

Personally, for me this is hard because I’m an independent minded person but I feel dependently. What I mean is when it comes to experiencing things like attraction, inspiration. motivation, interest, pain, fear, etc; I have to see it through the eyes of another person or connect with others in a substantial way that not only makes me comfortable but makes others happy.

In my last article I mention why it’s okay to be selfish mainly because you can’t always give to others all the time even if you would like to. We all have limitations however it doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of doing great things because we see things fail in front of us. You can’t be afraid to fail and you can’t be afraid to build yourself back up from square one. Who knows? You maybe your own best friend, lover, and all that good stuff and there’s nothing wrong with that but you have to be careful of how your actions may affect others if you see that they only wish to help better you.

Teamwork is something that is hard to make work just because different strengths and weaknesses aren’t always easy to put together and make great but I can tell you it’s worth it! Try to surround myself with those that truly inspire you and don’t seek to morph into another person but shape who you’d like to see yourself become in the future.

Attachments and other petty things should never drag you down and they won’t if  you develop a strong, open mindset rather than a fixed one.

There’s a lot going on in my life and I have lost motivation for almost everything which should be obvious since my blog posts seem to come later and later but to each their own.

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