The Writer, The Artist, and The Chemist

“You’d be surprised how often what if works.” -anonymous

So I want to try something different today. I want to tell you a made up story about a girl who doesn’t quite get who she is, where she’s going, and how she feels. I’m also going to throw in a few potential love interest although you can decide which you like best later.

No this isn’t some erotic fan fiction or weird sappy love story, because honestly Nicholas Sparks is a great writer and all but with due respect he isn’t exactly realistic enough for someone like me.

So let me tell you a little about her. She’s very average and whether it’s in grades, looks, or interests, she remains that: average. Of course she may have one or two things about her that make her feel slightly unique but who doesn’t?

She feels confused, is struggling to communicate, is always angry, or just having a bad day and they all happen either one at a time and then sometimes all at once.

But despite everything in herself and life, she’s still building who she is although she’s confident in who she is current and will eventually become. She’s not afraid to accept that people come and go and some change and some stay the same consistently. For her she has to look at every aspect of life before she can be certain of it’s worth because she’s been hurt and weary of everything around her. She doesn’t try to be deep and isn’t looking for anyone to tell her out of want of recognition, she just has a voice that she wants to people to hear and opinions, feelings, and so on that like many others just want to express.

A hard nut to crack probably but there’s potential in you little peanut you just have to know what you want and what you deserve is what I would say to her.

In life I know we can never avoid the romantic so called “love life” aspect and so this girl considers it a luxury because she can feels like it’s only fatal because she knows when she finally falls in love, she has to keep enough strength to carry herself if it turns out short-lived.

So potential love interest number one is someone she never would admit to liking, not because she was ashamed of liking him but it was because she felt so much lesser than him and if anything he intimidated and awed her. He had spunk, ambition, a generous smile, and a personality that could wrap itself around you in a way that made you feel like the sky was your limit.His hugs were friendly and well executed. The problem is, she never wants to tell him and she is perfectly happy doing so because he had already had another and if it meant hurting that relationship, she would never forgive herself anyhow unless they fall out of love..but by then she may have moved on. Killing (her) softly with his words…the writer.

Potential love interest number two is someone that jumped into her life and showed her a different approach to life. He was wise beyond his years and was always the type to look after her. He’s also the type to be keen on emotions and read anyone like a book it seems. He was a unique mix of laughs, food, scotch, and unpopular films. He was smart, funny, tall, handsome, and mysterious not to mention very ambitious. What he wants she can never tell and to show him she liked him, she should never expect a direct response because it was only partially clear in his actions which would be his only response sometimes. She could pry and he would be direct but figuring out his life too. She could and would wait for him to figure himself out and to be where he wants to be, but would he remember her past the nights in his sheets, long walks here and there, and finally explore her enough to know who she is and what she’s truly like? Would she be someone he could stay with forever and would he want to call his? Will he be the one that makes her happy? Will he change? Will he stick it out as much as she’s willing to? Explaining his approach to others like her might make one ask too many questions yet learn so many things about him..the chemist.

The third potential interest is an interesting character. He seems like the type to have dated around and have a specific type he likes. He knows how to carry himself well and isn’t afraid of adventures, exploration, and just having fun. Yet, he always want others to know that deep inside he truly is an insightful person and wants to things to naturally come to him and conversations to just flow. The same type of conversations she seeks in the people she meets. He was expressive, impressive, fun, and warm. He’s the life of the party yet the paper you doodle on for comfort late at night. She shared many interests with him such as painting, drawing, singing, exploring, talking, and gazing at stars or whatever was the sky. But to no surprise, she was still interested in someone else and likewise for him. Two people so alike yet afraid of coming to together is left to others to interpret and it’s okay if no one gets it but it’s to be respected the way she respects him and he respects her. The artist…


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