Float and Let Be

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” -Muhammad Ali

It’s 3 am in the morning and I wake up half dead from about ahh say an hour and a half of sleep give or take. I contemplated why I’m even up so early and where did my face..”oh..” I said as I looked into the mirror. Not exactly photo ready in that moment I must say but it was enough motivation to fluff up my dark circles and dead looking skin.

Not to say I’m insecure in any way but I’m a fairly normal human bean when it comes to it. I grabbed my flannel jacket and baseball hat to shield my eyes and arms for whatever peculiar weather my sister had forewarned me about haha.

Still half asleep too I’ll tell you one of the dumbest things you can do half asleep..take a nice deep sip of nice scorching hot coffee. Yes, I did this incredibly dumb thing so judge me. But no really it was enough to wake me up nonetheless.

So I make my way to the car my uncle is driving since overnight parking at the airport is ridiculous as -well whatever floats your boat. Dowsing off to the iTunes music that I happened to drive to Walmart for around midnight in fear of dying of boredom on my close to 6 hour flight, the car stops and the lights of the airport illuminate my face then as if magic hit me.

Plop! I’m on a plane to Detroit. Which makes me think of the scene in the movie Karate Kid where the man on the plane says, “Dude..I’m from Detroit!”

By this time I was about 75% sure I was awake so I did some exploring in Michigan since I was laid over for about 3 hours but to my surprise I met a volunteer worker who reminded a lot of my favorite English teacher. She was curious about me enough to ask where I was headed and what was my reason? I beamed at her and told her a little too much on how excited I was to be able to see half of my other family I rarely ever got to see. Her response was a well-meant giggle and was surprised about how suddenly enthusiastic I became when she asked me that question. Little did I know I was going to be engaged in what was a 2 hour long conversation on what I was doing in college and what my dreams and ambitions were. I honestly told her I had an idea but I really didn’t have an actual clue. Her words encouraged me try a new direction. I’ll save this for a later story.

My actual destination was to Minneapolis to see my one and only sister graduate the living hell that is high school. But funny story aha, I almost missed boarding this flight getting too passionate about finding-


My phone! Driver’s license, University ID, and my debit card all stolen. How did I know? I ask my bank through customer service. Crazy to believe people can be so shallow as steal my things when I’m the dressing room trying on clothes. At a mall where people are too hyped up on getting dope ass clothes to do the right thing.

I lucked out with this one having paid for some insurance and not extremely impossible application processes to get my license and debit card back but I’ll be phone less for a while. Let’s just hope I don’t die or get stuck  in a ditch somewhere in need of help or attention. GOOD BYE CRUEL WORLD!

How exciting..to cry over such a sour day. But I’m keeping my head up. There are somethings I shouldn’t let bother me anyway and a police report sounds perfect to hear before a long long night.

4 thoughts on “Float and Let Be

  1. How fucking stupid can you be? Who the fuck leaves their stuff out when going into a dressing room? Why not bring it in? How old are you kid? Your grammar skills are equivalent to those of a three year old! Also what do you mean you found out that your card was stolen from customer service? Bitch! You should’ve known that when your stuff was all gone. You’re obviously not the brightest person.

    1. Haha excuse me sir I’ve already accepted that it was a honest mistake and yeah it was a bit idiotic I agree but I’m only human and it’s a part of my life. Thank you for your concern.

  2. How Fucking Stupid Can You Be? Who the fuck doesn’t bring their things with them when going into a dressing room? And what do you mean that you found out your stuff was stolen by calling customer service? Bitch that should have been obvious the second you realized your shit was gone. You can’t blame other people for not protecting your stuff. That’s your fucking responsibility. Also how old are you kid? Your grammar skills are equivalent or less than those of a third grader.

    1. Also sir as part of pornhub you must be really intelligent to criticize my grammar. These stories are written as I travel therefore are not properly edited. I did bring my things into the dressing with me as it was stolen during my time using one. If I did not make this clear, I apologize and I shall use this as constructive criticism.

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