That’s Life Though

“People are going to talk about you. Just smile and them miserable.” -anonymous

Twitter beef is pretty intense and pretty entertaining too. I personally don’t use twitter actively myself but every now and again I hear some celebrity trying to start something with another celebrity on the news and all of a sudden a storm of fans will jump in and retweet whatever side they choose.

I personally just watch people do their thing and write about whatever I see here on my blog for you guys to read but just imagine that for me: hiding in a corner or somewhere where everything just unfolds in front of you and it fascinates you so much you can’t help but tell someone, anyone, or even the whole world haha. Maybe it’s just a me thing but I don’t really mind because my life isn’t identical to anyone else’s but I want to

Whether anyone actually reads my stories or not, I continue to write because I’m passionate about documenting my life and hearing about other peoples’.

I’m keeping this post short because I’m currently enjoying my summer and planning how to spend it. I’ll be back for more stories for you guys! Until next time my beloved readers.

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